Thomas Consulting is a Company Registration & Business Consulting Firm in Kochi, Kerala with a rich global client portfolio. We are a one-stop solution for all your business needs starting from registering your company in Kerala to providing value-added business consulting services.


Thomas Consulting is a one-stop-shop for all your company registration, financial advisory, and business consulting needs. All the way from start-ups to corporates in Kerala to corporates need to register their company to start operations in India. Although we help companies register their businesses all across India we mainly focus on Company Registration in Kerala. We also have a team of seasoned technocrats with good business consulting experience who can incorporate their new business ideas in Kerala into your existing business. In the present scenario, online company registration has become popular because everyone is busy with their promotions and funding. Hence, we have sorted out this for young entrepreneurs for registering a company online with the help of expert Business Consultants in Kerala at Thomas Consulting.


Help start-ups, SMEs and corporates to register a business in Kerala and also partner them in tax, audit legal documentation and management consulting services which can enable them to grow their business in Kerala.


Become the leading best company registration and business consulting firm in Kerala by providing customized solutions and services in the platform of company registration, tax, audit, legal documentation and business consulting in Kerala services.


INTEGRITY: We will be honest in everything we do, we will maintain good faith and keep the best interest of our clients & employees in every aspect of our relationship with them.

SIMPLICITY: Our focus is on the basics, we will not indulge in any activity unless we believe it is part of the solution. We believe that the solution must be simple, easy to understand, apply & monitor. Our process will involve understanding, describing & redefining.


Thomas consulting believes in finding solutions, from life’s biggest questions to everyday business consulting in Kerala. We believe in making better the lives of our clients & employees. We believe in tempering naivety with experience & wisdom. We dare to believe that we can make a change; we believe that we can better the quality of life around us.

Thomas Consulting - Company Registration In Kochi, Kerala
Thomas Consulting - Company Registration In Kochi, Kerala


We believe that every organization is a unique entity that needs a well-planned atmosphere to produce the best results. It is our desire as a management consulting firm to help organizations meet their fullest potential and scale new heights across diverse geographies and industries

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