Thomas Consulting - Company Registration In Kochi, Kerala

Manjila and Singh Innotech

Transforming healthcare into patient-centric healthcare innovation.

While the healthcare IT industry has transformed rapidly in the past decade, several healthcare organizations and medical practitioners have not been able to catch up with the fast evolving technologies. Use of predictive algorithms and analytics has proven to be more effective in the healthcare delivery process. Operating from Cochin, India, MASIT has developed its flagship product Medalert to offer users 360-degree insights on clinical, operational and financial data using its proprietary analytics solution. Medalert, at the core, is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) and clinical analytics platform. It performs predictive and cognitive analytics on the collected data to derive actionable insight. Medalert has two pilot centres, a multi-specialty policlinic in Tanjore, India, an ophthalmology centre and ENT centre in Cochin, apart from its centre in Dubai. Adding to this the recent implementation of the product at all centres of Ephphatha Speech and Hearing has also added traction which is sufficient to raise Series A funding. The company is in the process of expanding its strategic partnership with Case Western University, Ohio. They are also exploring partnership opportunities in the Middle East, Africa, and the USA.


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