Private ltd firms have the best business structure in India. They have standard legal & ideal tax compliance, support funding requirements and limit liabilities. This type of company registration in Kerala improve brand recognition and are ideal option for start up businesses in Kerala and SMEs.

Quick three steps

  •   Registering your directors with Ministry of Corporate Affairs
  •   Choosing the right company name
  •   Drafting MoA and AoA

That’s it. You get your PAN and TAN.



Raising Debt

Bank loans are easy to obtain, the option of issuing debentures are always available in a Private Limited Firm.

Limited Liability

Only invested amount in the business would be at risk; personal properties of directors would be safe.

Easily Transferable

Shares can be transferred to the name of new owners once there is an approval of director board.

Perpetual Existence

It has an eternal existence unless it is legally dissolved. It continues to be in existence irrespective of the changes in owners or directors.

Owning Property

Private limited firms can own building, machinery etc in their name and no shareholder can stake a claim on company assets.

Raising Investments

VC and PE funds will not invest in any other structure, because others would require them to become partners in the business or can have only one shareholder.

Large range of legal capacities

It is a legal entity established under the Companies Act. Henceforth it has a large range of legal capabilities like opening a bank account, hiring employees, obtaining the licenses as an independent corporate entity.

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